A Guide on How to Visualize Images in Your Mind

You might wonder what Creative Visualization is? Creative visualization is basically a technique that can be used by an individual to view his/her dreams and desires in a mind’s eye. With this tool, you can vividly see your goals such as living in your dream home, having a happy family, driving your dream car or even pursuing your dream career. Creating vivid mental images of these scenes can greatly impact your subconscious mind, change your attitude and habits, shape your goals and help you achieve your dream life.

What Are The Possible Hindrances To Proper Mental Visualization?

Do you ever wonder why every time you close your eyes to visualize you see total blackness or blurry images of what you wanted to see? Well, that can be attributed to a number of reasons, which when avoided can lead to a successful creative visualization process.
Some of the main reasons why you don’t see anything tangible when you close your eyes to visualize are:

-Lack of concentration
-Mental laziness
-Inability to stay focused on a single image for some time
-Physical illness
-Not following the basics of creative visualization
-Difficulty creating mental images

Steps on How to Visualize Images in Your Mind

When creative visualization doesn’t come naturally, you need to train yourself to focus and need to have some discipline to help you through. If you can practice and nurture your mental imagery skills with a little bit of passion, then one day the visualization will come naturally and seamlessly.
Well, here are a few steps with exercises on how to get clear and vivid images in your mind:

1. Find a peaceful or less destructive place where you can sit comfortably.

2. Take any object around i.e. a fruit, a glass or a bottle of wine and look at it for a few minutes. Close your eyes and try to visualize the image in its clearest form. If the image gets blurred or you don’t pick any image in your mind, open your eyes and repeat the process all over again till you can see the image clearly and vividly.

3. Take a look at a photo or video of natural scenery but with not so many details. Close your eyes and begin to mentally fill in the missing details and objects on the scenery. Repeat the exercise for days or weeks till you master it completely.

4. If necessary, find YouTube videos that can help you improve your after-images mastery.


As you can see, creating life-like mental images of things you desire to achieve in life is so easy. All you need is focus, dedication and consistency. With time, you’ll realize a change in your habits and you’ll soon be living your very dream life.