techniques of self hypnosis

Master these Self Hypnosis Techniques

At times it is possible to lose focus on what you are doing or in your journey towards your goal. This might happen because of your emotions, distraction in your thinking or even because you have negative attitude towards others or what you are doing. It is good to get rid of such in order to attain success. Below are some of the self hypnosis techniques you should apply.


This is one of the most effective self hypnosis techniques that can assist you to relax. It involves elimination of all competing energies and noises around you so that you can relax. With proper relaxation of your mind and body you are likely to attain a clear view or perspective. After the session you feel less stressed and lighter, making it possible for you to process deep thoughts in an easier way. This technique works because it helps in clearing your mind and body of all thoughts and stress.

Focus more on your imaginative thoughts

To be able to get exactly what you want, it is advisable to have a clear and focused idea of what you want to achieve. Here you have to take your desire and turn it into a clear intention. Make use of your imagination to send that message of the clear intention that you have up to your subconscious mind. You do this by use of visualization together with feelings and thoughts in order to send this message to your subconscious.

Remain committed

You have to be committed if you are to attain your goals. You need to take commitment as part of strategies to reach your desired goals. You have to be persistent in all your efforts and be consistent in the belief that you will succeed in all things that you do. Know that it is possible to attain all your goals and never give up.

Describing your room

This is another effective self hypnosis technique in which you visualize a room that you know well. What you do is that you describe it to another person or to yourself. You need to describe it with a lot of information as you can. The main role of this technique is to boost the stability of your awareness by involving other mind functions as you visualize.

Apply the arm levitation technique

This is another self hypnosis technique that helps in directing your attention towards the sensations and movements in your body. It also helps get your attention away from your thoughts. It is an effective technique if you would like to get down to work and allow the unconscious to take control.