techniques of autosuggestion

Practise Autosuggestion Techniques

Auto suggestion is the strongest mind programming tool that you can use in your life. It is always accessible, easy and you can perform it at any place any time that you want to. The main problem is that most of us use the tool in an unconscious manner. This is what usually holds many people back from attaining what they need to do in their life. To assist you to boost your abilities and help take full control over your life, please refer to the following autosuggestion techniques:

Thirty-day mental diet

The first thing you should do is to begin by focusing your attention on your own self-talk. Whenever you realise that you are involved in negative self-talk, you should make sure that you erase or delete it. You need to replace it using stronger positive words. Some of these thoughts might include doubt, fear or even self-loathing. This is a technique that will involve cancelling negative words and thoughts.

Apply Autosuggestion Affirmations

Affirmation refers to positive. This is the present tense that is usually used in the first person. In this technique, you will need to use it just as you do to affirmations. In the long end, you will realize that you have filled your mind with a lot of positive things.

Make use of Repetition

If you apply the mental diet as it is recommended above, you will be amazed because of the many times you say derogatory and negative things to yourself or about yourself. All you need to do is to make sure that you counter the negative programming you might have with a lot of repetition. This is something that you can do silently, in your own privacy or even you can do it loudly in case you need to do so.

Apply Visualization

Visualization is the best language of your subconscious mind. This is an auto suggestion example that involves a psychology of visualizing yourself doing something in the appropriate manner. This helps make a powerful impression on your subconscious mind. This is one of the strongest mind programming techniques that you can apply.

Use Alpha level

In case you are aware of meditation or self-hypnosis strategies that make your mind comfortable, you need to apply them. If you do not know them, all you need to do is to close your eyes and breath in and out for some minutes as you count from twenty to one backwards.