improving imagination and visualization ability

4 Tips to Increase your Imagination

There are different creative ideas and many of them require that you have the ability to visualize. You might not be good in visualization and imagination, but these are skills that you can attain. Just like you do to attain other important skills in your life, all you need to do is to follow these strategies and practise them. Here are some of these ways that you can boost your ability to imagine and visualize.

Design a mnemonic device

At times it is worth noting that enhancing your memory can help boost your imagination and visualization ability. To do this effectively, you need to design a mnemonic device that will help you imagine and visualize. You can have a ring, bracelet or any other thing that you have. The major goal here is to think of a sphere around the object that you select every time that you see it. You can also decide to put a rock in your pocket and any time that you see the rock, you will visualize or imagine about the sphere around it. By doing this over time, this will become an instinct that will help you envision a sphere that is around it.


Write down what you view

This is a great exercise and it can be carried out for any creative object. It involves writing down what you see. What you need to do is to go to a place with a paper and pen. As you sit down to write everything that you will see for half an hour. Make sure that you provide a lot of description as you can. In case there is a rock next to you, you do not have to just write. You need to give all the descriptions of the rock in terms of size, colour and its texture.

Do practice

It is obvious that no one can succeed by doing something just a single time. This is the same case as you try to improve your imagination and visualization ability. You need to practise any strategy even more than five times to ensure that it starts worrying for your good. Practising and repeating something, makes it easier for you to imagine and visualize. Over time you will have articulated and refined your actions. This helps you become faster when it comes to imagination and visualization in your life.