how to enter in subconscious mind

Step By Step Guide to Subconscious Programming

For many people, discovering the existence of their subconscious mind and what can be done with it, usually came as a shock. Yes, your subconscious mind is very powerful, and you have probably been mis-directing and mis-programming it all these while. If you can learn to work hand-in-hand with your subconscious, your life will change overnight, just like magic. This guide will teach you how to enter your subconscious, and carry out that change work you need.

Preparations Before You Begin

how to enter your subconscious mindThere are a few things you need to take care of, before you follow the steps in the next paragraph. First, make sure that you are not under any influences like alcohol or any psychoactive substances. Secondly, find a place where you can have some privacy for up to an hour, and make sure the door is locked. Thirdly, switch-off or unplug your phone.

The Steps to Enter Your Subconscious Mind

Step 1. Seat or lie down comfortable. You can seat in the asana position if you like.

Step 2. Find a fixed object or a blank wall and stare at it. You have to give yourself some time to clear your mind of all thoughts, and have it totally empty.

Step 3. Start to feel your body and your eyes getting weaker as you stare. You should be breathing calmly and evenly, allowing yourself to relax further with each breadth you take.

Step 4. Allow yourself to totally relax and let go. Once your eyes are weak enough, close them and surrender yourself to the calmness.

Step 5. As you continue to breathe calmly and evenly, start counting down from 100 to about 40. Count slowly and visualize the number, then let yourself relax even further with each count.

Step 6. Allow the numbers to slowly fade away as you continue the countdown.

Step 7. Before you reach 40, the numbers would have vanished, and you could have no further interest in counting. Feel free to stop.

Step 8. You are now in trance. Time to re-program your subconscious.

Programming Your Subconscious

It’s very important to understand that the subconscious mind does not process negativity. So, if you keep saying “I don’t want to smoke”, all your subconscious mind will make out is ” I do want to smoke”. If you understand this, then you should make such affirmations as “I want to be a non-smoker” or “I quit smoking”.

You may not entirely get the process right the first time, or it might come across to you as a little weird, but if you give it some practice, you will come to appreciate the power behind the above outlined steps. You can also check out this video for more information on reaching into your subconscious mind and changing your life.