controlling subconscious mind

Control Your Subconscious Using Meditation

Many times in life, people desire one thing or the other, but always end up sabotaging themselves. Instead of doing the right things that will help them to achieve their goals, people often find themselves doing the exact opposite of what they actually need to be doing. This causes a lot of pain and frustration in the majority of people, with the more knowledgeable people, picking up interest in the subject of how to control your subconscious mind.

The Problem with Unconscious Behavior

The reason such behaviors occur in these people is because of their prevailing subconscious program. The subconscious mind handles 95% or more of all the information processing in the body. It does this using what it learned previously. This means that whenever you have a change of mind, a new direction, social status or mission in life, you will also need to reteach your subconscious mind, else it will continue to react in the old way, which is exactly what you don’t want anymore.

Meditation and the Subconscious Mind

Meditation has many uses. You can use it for everything from calming yourself, to solving problems, and to reprogramming your subconscious reactions. There are many other obscure uses as well. Meditation normally puts the mind in a light-hypnotic state, although this state can always be deepened. In such a state, you now come in close contact with your subconscious mind, and you have the direct access to reprogram it, by changing your beliefs and values, as well as your reactions to certain situations.

Controlling Your Subconscious Using Meditation

In order to be able to control your subconscious using meditation, you will first have to learn how to properly meditate. This includes sitting comfortably, breathing easily and freely for relaxation, and to truly let go. After a few meditation sessions, you will now start to recognize the different levels of trance that you can get into through meditation.
You can also use what are known as hypnotic trance deepeners when meditating. This will allow you to reach a lower level of trance than is possible with just breathing and relaxation. When you are ready, simply count down slowly from 100, allowing yourself to go deeper with each number. By the time you reach 80, the numbers should have faded, and you should be in a deep trance state.
Once you recognize a trance level next time you are meditating, it is time to talk to your subconscious. Remember to use only positive affirmations, no negatives, like “I will always work harder and smarter” is better than “I want to stop overeating and oversleeping”.


This is just one method of achieving lasting results and success. There are other methods as well, like as is contained in this video. Whichever path you may take to your happiness, I wish you well.