controlling negative thoughts

Techniques to Control Negative Thoughts

It is normal for a person to be filled with negative thoughts at one point in life. This is not a major problem, but problems arise if you cannot control them. It is important you learn the skills on how to control negative thoughts whenever you feel they are taking over your normal life. Here are some of the ways that you can control these thoughts.
Stop the thoughts

One of the best ways to control negative thoughts is to ensure that you stop the thoughts when you feel they have started disturbing your mind. One of the easy ways you can stop then is to start doing a task immediately or you can change the direction of your thinking. If you are just alone and feel that you cannot stop the thoughts, you can just walk out and meet your friends to make your mind be occupied with other things.
Positive affirmations

There are different ways you can use positive affirmations. One of the ways that you can do so is to use them the same way that you stop your thoughts. You can say a certain affirmation any time you feel that there are negative thoughts that are coming your way. You need to ensure that your affirmations are designed in a careful manner and make direct eye contact with yourself in the mirror as you recite the affirmations. By doing this, you will control the thoughts and improve your mood.
Enforce boundaries

In case the negative thoughts have disturbed you for a long time, it will not be realistic to try and stop them immediately. In this case, stopping the thoughts or affirmations will just postpone the negative thoughts to a later date. The best way is to set boundaries when it comes to negative thinking. What you do is to choose a fixed period to entertain the negative thoughts and then commit yourself to control them other times of the week.
Write and then destroy factors leading to the thoughts

In case the negative thoughts are related to certain emotions such as anger, jealousy or fear you should put efforts to write them out. Take a pen and a paper and then write all the negativity you have in your mind. Then, you need to destroy the paper as a show of commitment that you are ready to move on without these negative thoughts. You can tear or burn it completely. This is a psychological strategy that can assist you to control the negative thoughts in an effective manner.