subconscious mind training

Exploring the Nature of the Subconscious Mind

The subconscious mind is conditioned by the neurological patterns that happen in our cellular structure. The patterns start to form at the time of birth and continue to develop from the influences of genetics and the environment. You may have heard some scholars referring to the subconscious mind as the memory bank.
Indeed, this level of the mind stores all the information it receives from the conscious mind for reference purposes. In this regard, the subconscious mind acts as an operating system that manages the cumulative data of past experiences and other forces that condition its rigid structure.

Training the Subconscious Mind

One problem with the subconscious mind is that it tends to create comfort zones that disallow you to explore other alternatives in life. Such comfort zones have a limiting effect that may derail crucial schemes of progress in your life. You have to train the subconscious mind in order to overcome the barriers that often prevent the entry of new ideas into the subconscious zones.
Naturally, the subconscious mind only admits thoughts that are in perfect harmony with its inflexible programming. This FREE video introduces you to refreshing insights about subconscious mind programming.

Rewriting the Subconscious Code

The programming of the subconscious may happen through some quantum leap or by repetition and reference. The second option is the most common method since it entails your wilful choice. Subconscious mind tricks are designed to allow certain progressive thoughts into the subconscious realms even if they are wholly inconsistent with the governing forces of reference.
Experts in subconscious mind training usually recommend the use of mantras that affirm certain outcomes over a long period of time. Repeating constructive affirmations eventually leads into their acceptance within the subconscious mind.

The Uplifting Effect of the Training

Subconscious mind exercises have an uplifting effect that allows you to explore the limitless possibilities that lie outside the boundaries of your subconscious patterning. Before the exercises, your mind is bound to treat any unfamiliar thoughts as some kind of darkness that must be avoided at all costs. However, the exercises help to suppress the element of disharmony, between the new thoughts and the operating system of the mind.
In this manner, the exercises help to erase the dividing line between what is permissible at the subconscious level and what is disallowed. Eventually, the mind adopts new codes and reviews its patterns in ways that accommodate the new ideas.